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January 5th 2006:CALL FOR ENTRIES Darklight festival 2006 is returning to an early summer date. Check the website for date and venues deadline for submissions monday 20th march 2006. Entry Form Here

December 12th 2005: The inaugural Nokia Darklight Pocket Movie Challenge has been won by Irish film-makers. Lorcan Finnegan and Ray Mongey were respectively awarded the top prizes in the professional and newcomer categories. Over 200 films from more than 10 countries were entered during the one month challenge, with representations in a wide variety of genres.

Lorcan Finnegan's production, "Changes", is a creative mix of illustration, photography and live-action that tells the story of two caterpillars wildly in love embarking on a journey of change.

Ray Mongey's animation, "A little closer to home", tells the story of a couple who are separated for the summer and how technology can make us feel a little closer to home.

Symposium Update
We have archived the discussions from the Darklight Symposium and they are now available to download from our Blog as MP3s ..

You can also check out our new vidcast, The Light Show, hosted by Nicky Gogan & Jessie Ward. In this video podcast we discuss short films and filmmakers, as well as our other projects such as the Darklight Digital Festival and the Wildlight Channel.

In this episode we speak with Andrew Keogh, a member of the Dublin-based filmmaking group, Dogmedia Productions, who made the films "Jennie Balfe"
and "The Confession Sessions".

To view The Light Show follow the link to our blog from http://www.darklight.ie or go directly to http://darklightfestival.blogspot.com/

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