darklight digital film festival 1999

The First annual Darklight festival was a select mix of screenings, exhibition, seminars, workshops and mixed media events, which explore the creative potential of digital art and technology.

DARKLIGHT DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL was formed to provide a platform to showcase all aspects of creative digital work, film, animation, music technology, interactive works and imaging. The festival brought together some of the most exciting digital work being created both from Ireland and internationally in an effort to heighten the awareness of digital film and art as emerging genres. The overall aim of DARKLIGHT was twofold: firstly, to give people the opportunity to experience these new creations through the screenings and digital art exhibition and secondly, through the seminar and workshop, to provide a pioneering space to generate dialogue about existing work and the potential of this new technology.


1999 Darklight Festival comprised of 6 screenings of digital work we ran a Digital Art Exhibtion, Seminar, Workshop and Open-Air Mixed Media Performance featuring Coldcut and the Scratch Perverts. Digital art exhibition.


In the 1st year of DARKLIGHT we compiled the work submitted into 6 screenings.

In VISUAL MOTION we explored the development of CGI and 3D animation.

DIGITAL LIGHT brought experimental shorts and narrative works to the big screen.

EXPOSURE showed a mix of student work from both Ireland and abroad.

DIGITAL SALON featured some of the latest developments in international digital cinema showing work from RESfest, onedotzero and Pandemonium festivals.

As our festival feature we were proud to present THE LAST BROADCAST, Directed by Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler. www.tebweb.com/lastbroadcast/

MUSIC VIDEOS a selection of some of the most innovative work around which through their controversial nature have pushed the boundries of the music video medium.


The seminar addressed the convergence of traditional processes with new digital technologies and what this means for the individual creative and also for the industry as a whole. It also addressed the new forms of distribution that are beginning to revolutionise the industry including internet and new broadband technologies and the impact this will have.


Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler, the makers of The Last Broadcast gave a workshop on the making of the last Broadcast from inception to distribution. The Last Broadcast was produced for a head turning $900 and the creators believe their discount drama owes its existence to the emergence to new technologies that are revolutionising film. The 90 minute feature is making cinematic history, shot on borrowed digital cameras costing as little as $900 and edited with off the shelf Adobe software and a 166- megahertz PC. The Last Broadcast is the first digital picture to be released in the U.S.A via satellite, thereby completely bypassing both the crippling costs of conventional film and Hollywood's mighty distribution machine.The workshop was a sellout and many interesting questions were raised during this session.


Darklight in Association with Influx Records and Productions.
presented Future Shadows as the closing event for the festival. Held in Meeting House Square and the IFC.

COLDCUT+THE SCRATCH PERVERTS+GLEN BRADY+BEETKLASH all gave a great show with visual delights supplied by the LIGHT SURGEONS.


The exhibition ran for the festival weekend in Arthouse - multimedia centre for the arts. The exhibition included photographic work, CD ROM productions and series of frozen video frames selected from the screenings.

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