The 2005 Nokia/Darklight Pocket Movie Challenge

October 2005: Nokia Ireland and the Darklight Film Festival are delighted to announce the Finalists of the inaugural Nokia/ Darklight Pocket Movie Challenge.

20 Finalists for Noka/Darklight Pocket Movies Challenge

Film Title Filmmaker Descriptions
Fester! Fester! Alex Ryan The smell of oil and burning rubber are rarely associated with supermarket trolleys, but when a mighty clash of adrenaline junkies takes place along the pathways of a sprawling city park, the race is on...
This time last Tuesday Tim Clague What happens when you don't quite get around to shooting the film. Is talking about it better than actually doing it? This is a film for all the frustrated film makers out there.
Encoded Presence [auto-portrait of E. Puente] Michael Takeo Magruder 'Encoded Presence' concerns the re-purposing of the mobile phone from a mundane communication device to a cinematic instrument. A subject was asked to generate cinematic content interpreting the theme 'auto-portrait'
A Little Closer to Home Ray Mongey Great distances separate these lovers, but there is something that can make them feel closer. Cool combination of 2D and 3D animation give this film a rich texture.
The Lovely Show Lorcan Finnegan bizarre and funny short comedy sketches
Nun Fight Club Declan De Barra Nuns have underground clubs too!
OctoBabylon Octopussy Collective Octopussy Collective are a Dublin-Chicago based collaborative film group producing and directing with radical digital platforms for the good of all mankind. OctoBabylon tells the tale of subversion and intrigue in the age-old battle of science against religion
Bandit Bambino! Matthew Harding A young television viewer reacts to a badly dubbed Spaghetti Western, firing off a verbal assault of deadly desperado style cliche's with the speed and accuracy of a mean gun-slinger.
Fosbury Flop Andy Sandham There's more than one fish out of water when an unsuspecting cyclist stumbles across a clandestine gathering of trout...
WC Nicolas Hemmelmann Two restroom icons one day discover the simple pleasures that make life worth living...
Sometimes Pleix Sometimes is, before anything else, a work on dynamic & energy's destruction. The origine of the project is af course the horrible event of the 11th of september but it's also the explosion's scene of "Zabriskie Point" a Michelangelo Antonioni's film.
Marbles Glenn Marshall 3d mini-fantasia of Marbles & Chopin
Catalunya David Jinks Mediterranean sun, sweeping bends, the roar of 170 brake horse power and 162mph down the home straight. Experience the thrill of riding a superbike around Spain's premier Grand Prix circuit. Four miniCAMs bring this high octane sprint to the safety of your screen.
Attack of the Fifty Foot Fiends Mark Estell A devastating attack on a town by three giant monsters is stopped dead in its tracks when one of them reveals he is gay. As the tiny townsfolk look on in amazement, things degenerate into a childish argument ending with a side splitting and catastrophic conclusion.
Changes Lorcan Finnegan Two caterpillars wildly in love embark on a journey of change. But will they feel the same way when they emerge from their chrysalises?
Limbo Elvis D'Silva A spaceship drops something explosive on a vacant piece of land. After some rain and sunshine, a leafless tree grows on that spot. Pretty soon the spaceship is back to pluck the tree out of the ground and put it to its actual use.
Just Dessert Andrew Hai and Jamie Janson After taunting a young girl who has dropped her ice-cream, the nasty man gets his Just Dessert.
No Spoon Jan Cilliers de Wet Jasper gets a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere (ie everywhere) and gets to fix it in a pretty bizarre way. Thelonius the Zen fish helps out by being utterly, infuriatingly inscrutable. There's magic, unexpected bangs, and a very odd puncture kit.
Human Beatbox Andy Sykes Human Beatbox is an animation about frustration. It depicts an irritating man on a train drumming on a table. The narrator, whose eyes we see this through, gets gradually more angry as the drumming continues, until finally he snaps. .
'Evil fun with Zimmy' and 'Zimmy Mini Stories Andy Sykes Two young boy's faith in humanity is shaken by the arrival of a novelty bar of soap.
Lunchbreak Ralitza Petrova A bunch of scallies have a twisted idea to make quick cash on the back of the workingman. But who is more twisted in the end?



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